MARS Distribution Plan: The MARS token launch, lockdrop and more

The MARS airdrop

  • LUNA stakers (including stakers on Stader Labs)
  • bLUNA holders (including bLuna collateral depositors on Anchor Protocol)
  • LUNAX holders (a liquid staking token from Stader Labs).
  • All data for Stader LUNA stakers and LUNAX holders will be provided by Stader Labs.
  • LPs for LUNA, bLUNA and LUNAX will not be eligible for the MARS airdrop.
  • The sum total of staked LUNA, bLUNA balances and LUNAX balances in a single address must be greater than or equal to 10 LUNA to be eligible for the airdrop
  • Wallets with a total LUNA balance less than or equal to 100 LUNA will qualify for the minimum airdrop of 18.47 MARS
  • Wallets with a total LUNA balance greater than or equal to 20,000 LUNA will qualify for the maximum airdrop of 3694.64 MARS

Phase 1: The Lockdrop

Phase 2: The MARS/UST Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction

  • They will be able to commit MARS tokens to the pool during the first 3 days. Note that the only MARS tokens available for Phase 2 will be those granted to lockdrop participants and airdrop recipients (during Phase 2 these two groups won’t be able to claim or transfer their MARS but only commit them to the pool; alternatively they could wait for the end of Phase 2 to claim their tokens).
  • The decision to commit MARS to the pool is irreversible; once committed there’s no going back.
  • They will be able to freely deposit and withdraw for the first 5 days (the additional 2 days given to UST depositors allows for fair price discovery given that these depositors will know the exact amount of MARS they are bidding for).
  • The 6th day, they will only be able to withdraw up to 50% of their committed UST.
  • During the 7th day, the amount of UST they will be able to withdraw will decrease linearly to 0.

MARS-UST Ongoing LP Rewards

Red Bank UST Deposit Ongoing Rewards

Closing thoughts



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Mars Protocol

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