Alpha Finance and Spectrum Protocol look to leverage Mars

  • Alpha Finance (“Alpha”) is most well known for pioneering the concept of leverage yield farming on Ethereum with its flagship product, Homora. It will be the first protocol with a big ecosystem to scale from EVM chains to Terra. Alpha Homara has since become the largest multi-chain leveraged yield farming protocol on Ethereum, BSC, and Avalanche with close to 1B TVL combined.
  • Spectrum Protocol (“Spec”) is the first yield optimizer on Terra. They have since built 60+ vaults allowing users to auto-compound their yield farms and have amassed over 100M in TVL.

How do you envision using Mars?

What attracted you to build on it?

Beyond integrating with Mars, what else are you focused on?

Where do you see Terra heading in the next 1–5 years?

Closing Thoughts



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